Contributor FAQ...


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Questions about ideas for samples for your shop? Contact us & we'll help you out!

Do my samples have to be all the same thing?


No, your contributions do not have to be the same thing. If you feel like you would like to send a variety of items from your shop that is just fine. We are all about making it all up to you & what you want to showcase :)


How is my Sampler shipped?


All samplers are mailed in small flat rate USPS boxes. Due to mailing discounts by location, customers in Washington & Oregon may receive samplers in bigger boxes. All Canadian & International samplers will be sent in a cardboard or bubble mailer.


What is the ICSampler schedule?


September Indie Craft Sampler- Ships first week of September      (Deadline for Samples August 25th)

October Indie Craft Sampler- Ships first week of October                 (Deadline for Samples Sept 25th)

November Indie Craft Sampler- Ships first week of November        (Deadline for Samples Oct 25th)

Winter Indie Craft Sampler- Ships second week of December          (Deadline for Samples Nov 25th)

February Indie Craft Sampler- Ships first week of February              (Deadline for Samples January 25th)

March Indie Craft Sampler- Ships first week of March                        (Deadline for Samples Feb 25th)

April Indie Craft Sampler- Ships first week of April                              (Deadline for Samples March 25th)

May Indie Craft Sampler- Ships first week of May                               (Deadline for Samples April 25th)

Summer Indie Craft Sampler- Ships second week of June                 (Deadline for Samples June 5th)


If you have read the Contribution Levels and are ready to submit an application to contribute click here.


What do contributors gain from submitting their goods?

Exposure!! With the sheer amount of craft shops out there it can be difficult to get yourself noticed apart from the crowd. So we are taking your product straight to the buyers' hands! In addition, we will add your photos, links, blurbs, logos of your business on our website, facebook, twitter & pinterest pages. You will also receive a free sampler. The more samples you send in, the better deals you get on advertising. And, many of the crafty world media keeps an eye on sampler sites to stay in tuned with crafting trends!


How many samples do I need to send in? Retail value?


We have a 30 sample minimum to participate. However, the more you submit the more perks you get (promos in the boxes, advertising on the website & other social media). You can see the different levels of submissions here. To keep our boxes valuable for our customers please try & have each sample retail for at least $3 each.


Can I send in promos as samples?


If an item has a logo, URL or business name as it's MAIN feature it is considered a promo and NOT a sample. Promos are seperate from samples. Of course logo's, URL's & business names can be included on packaging, tags, on the back or side of items just not front & center. If you have any doubt send us a picture & we'll let you know.


Can you give some tips on what to send for samples?


Of course! Although we are distributing your samples & promoting you, the samples itself are the most important factor

for getting people interested in your shop. We want to see you make the most out of contributing to the Indie Craft Sampler.

Here are some examples from the past on Pinterest to look at. Here are some ideas to jumpstart the brainstorming...


If you make jewelry: mini versions of your work in lower cost materials, accessories, pouches, tiny jewelry boxes.

If you make fine art: woodblock or lino prints, prints on greeting cards, mini versions of your work in other low cost materials.

If you make textiles: pouches, fabric bookmarks, fabric business card cases, tiny corsages, bracelets, handkercheifs with your logo,                                     patterns, yarn samples (if you spin your own), coasters, cozies.

If you make beauty products: mini samples of your products.


Other: 1" button sets, magnets, hair clips, book plates, plushies, keychains, decorated pocket mirrors, bookmarks.


* Create samples that are high quality but affordable for you to produce. They represent your company so make sure the show that quality the buyer is looking for.


* Try to submit samples that are the kind of items that you sell in your shop. That way if the buyer likes your sample they can go and purchase more from you!


* Package your samples securely and beautifully. It's definitely what grabs attention quickly & gives the recepient an idea of your attention to detail.


* Include some sort of identifying logo or contact info for your shop with the sample. Either include a business card in your packaging or have a business name or URL SUBTLY included on the item. That way the buyer knows where to find you.




Do contributor's designs become the intellectual property of the Indie Craft Sampler?


No! Anything & everything contributed is the sole property of the person who made/designed it. Each contributor enters into an agreement to allow us to distribute their goods for the purpose of promotion through the sale of Samplers. We make no further claims to designs, copyright or intellectual property.


How do samples work for Paper Goods?

If you are sending in greeting cards as samples they need to include an envelope. If you're sending in flat note cards or individual postcards, we ask that you package them in groups of at least 2 or 3 to count  as a single sample.




Do you accept edible samples?

Yes! We would love to include your sweet treats in the ICSampler. However, to make sure the samples will be as fresh as possible you will have a mailing deadline that is closer to the mailing date. We will give the details when you send in your application.


I want to send in liquid/scented samples...anything different?

Due to some people who are allergic or sensitive to fragrance please double-bag your scented samples.